The Next Generation for ICP Monitoring and External Drainage Systems

The IRRAflow CNS System combines an External Drainage System, an ICP Monitor and an Occlusion Solution Mechanism into a single, integrated device. It is easy to operate and provides a safe and effective system for intracranial hemorrhage evacuation.

Our unique, patented exchange method for the precise irrigation, aspiration and infusion of fluids, a user-friendly interface and comprehensive alarm system makes IRRAflow the ideal selection for the external drainage of pathological intracranial fluids in combination with ICP monitoring.

Watch our IRRAS Animation “Practical Solutions To Intelligent Fluid Management For Brain Pathology Therapeutics”

The Occlusion Elimination Solution

The incidence rate for intracranial catheter occlusions can reach 33%21 and the infection rate can reach 27%3.The majority of published series reported statistically significant higher incidence of external drainage related infections in patients with intracranial haemorrhage when compared with patients with nonhaemorrhagic pathologies. This has been postulated to be the result of frequent manipulations of the drainage system for flushing blocked EVD, the infusion of fibrinolytic agents, and the higher chance of drainage positioning reoperation in these subgroups of patients with hemorrhages 4. The current manual procedures to remove the blockage risk contamination, neurological damage as well as require significant staff time. IRRAflow has developed a built-in selectable 1 ml bolus infusion to quickly unblock the catheter and rinse the pathology without contamination risk.

ICP Monitoring

Integrated ICP monitoring and measurement is obtained by today’s “Golden Standard” through the utilization of a water column, providing instant and accurate data on the patient’s ICP.

Efficient Aspiration

IRRAflow’s concentric, double lumen catheter enables the accurate exchange of fluids and the patented Occlusion Solution System allows for the efficient evacuation of CSF, blood and other pathological fluids.


Comprehensive Alarm Array

The IRRAflow CNS System is equipped with both visual and audible alarms for high and low ICP, cassette disconnection, empty infusion bag, occlusion and/or kinked tubing, safe state and battery status.

IRRAflow katheter


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