Board of Directors

Anders P. Wiklund


Born in 1940.
Chairman of the Board since 2017.
Member of the Board since 2016.
Member of the compensation committee.

Other current assignments:

Board member of EfRx Pharmaceuticals SA, Life Medical Sweden AB and Wiklund
International AB.

Education and relevant experience:

Pharmacist (M.Sc. Pharm) from Farmaceutiska Institutet. He has also studied Business at Stockholm University. Anders P. Wiklund has more than 40 years of
global experience in leading positions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology
companies, inter alia as co-founder of Esperion and former President and CEO of KabiVitrum Inc and KabiPharmacia Inc.

Shareholding in IRRAS: 13,182 shares.

Holding of warrants: 100,000 warrants in program 2017/2020.

Anders P. Wiklund is independent in relation to the company and its management and in relation to major shareholders.

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