Dessi Lyakov

Director, Regulatory and Quality

Born in 1970. Joined IRRAS in 2017.

Education and relevant experience:

Dessi Lyakov holds a Master’s of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

She has more than fifteen years of experience in the biotechnology industry. She executes regulatory strategy with focus on efficient, rapid and timely product market clearance. Her creativity and innovation balances business needs with regulatory compliance. Dessi’s background encompasses the development and management of comprehensive quality systems within products manufacturing environment and global regulatory compliance. Her extensive experience of 510(k) submissions, CE Mark certification and direct interaction with global regulatory agencies led the success of Aalto Scientific and the establishment and growth of AUDIT Microcontrols.

Shareholding in IRRAS: 0 shares.

Holding of warrants: 30,000 warrants under the 2017/2021 warrant program, 8,571 warrants under the 2016/2025 warrant program and 3,500 warrants under the 2018/2022 warrant program.

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