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Anita Tollstadius, M.Sc and M.B.A.

Anita Tollstadius, M.Sc and M.B.A.

Board Member


Born in 1955. Member of the Board since 2017. Member of the remuneration committee.

Education and relevant experience:

Anita Tollstadius holds an MSc in Pharmacy from Uppsala University and an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. Anita Tollstadius has more than 30 years of experience from global strategicmarketing management positions within the life sciences sector both in Sweden and abroad.

Other current assignments:

CEO of ContextVision AB and board member of Tollstadius & Co AB.

Shareholding in IRRAS: 2 000 shares
Anita Tollstadius is independent in relation to the company and its management and in relation to major shareholders.