Designed with Cost Effectiveness in Mind

The IRRAflow® system is a long overdue step forward in the management of fluids and ICP in neuro ICU patients. It has been designed to address the shortcomings of existing technologies and provides an intelligent, next-generation solution.

Increased complications and incomplete drainage can lead to extended ICU time for patients, which means additional costs for patients and the hospital. With actively-managed, controlled drainage and a potential reduction in catheter blockages and associated complications, IRRAflow is designed to help patients recover faster. In early clinical experience with the system, in a collection of 32 subdural hematoma patients treated1, IRRAflow showed positive clinical outcomes with shorter treatment timelines than conventional treatment methods, which resulted in estimated cost savings of between EUR 4,300 and EUR 7,700 per patient1.

Treatment with IRRAflow may result in significant health economic benefits:

Treatment overview of representative clinical cases from Germany in 20171

Significant savings from shorter ICU and ward stays1


1. Data on File. Treatment outcome with IRRAflow based on 32 subdural cases in Germany as of August 15, 2017, compared to experienced length of stay at Universitätskliniken Lübeck and Rostock, Germany.

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