Sabina Berlin

Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1983. Joined IRRAS in 2017.

Education and relevant experience:

Sabina Berlin has a master’s degree in auditing and financial control from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Sabina Berlin has extensive experience within the areas of business control, accounting and business analysis. During 2014 – June 2017, Sabina Berlin held the position as CEO of Juno Ekonomi, a company providing accounting and payroll services to a number of fast growing companies within life science, tech and professional services.

Other current assignments:

Board member and major shareholder of Zymology Consulting AB.

Shareholding in IRRAS: 3,958 shares.

Holding of warrants: 100,000 warrants under the 2017/2020 warrant program and 17,500 warrants under the 2018/2022 warrant program.

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