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Founded in 2012 in Sweden, IRRAS is a commercial medical device and technology company that has focused on fluid control and management for a broad range of brain pathologies, CNS applications and procedures. IRRAS developed and manufactures IRRAflow™ for the clinical, monitoring and surgical applications of brain pathology indications. IRRAS is traded on the Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm under the symbol IRRAS..

Our transformative medical device IRRAflowprovides intelligent and dynamic control of brain fluids, highly efficient irrigation and aspiration and ICP monitoring resulting in significant improvement in patient outcomes for the treatment of hemorrhagic stroke and chronic subdural hematoma. Our transformative technology provides intelligent, dynamic control of brain fluids, for irrigation and aspiration, precise infusion of fluids and intracranial pressure monitoring all in one unit, without additional equipment or more invasive procedures.

Through continued technological advances, we are developing a pipeline for future innovative features and products based on our core intelligent fluid exchange technologies. We seek to make the IRRAflow™ device safer, more intelligent, interconnected and easier to administer than other current treatment options while significantly reducing staff time, patient time spent in ICU/recovery and overall cost.