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Who We Are

IRRAS AB is a commercial stage medical technology company that is developing breakthrough devices to meet the challenges of fluid control and management for a broad range of brain pathologies, CNS therapeutic applications and procedures. IRRAS has successfully developed instruments and catheters for the clinical, monitoring and surgical applications for brain pathology indications called IRRAflow. Our transformative technology provides intelligent, dynamic control of brain fluids, for irrigation and aspiration, precise infusion of fluids and intracranial pressure monitoring all in one unit, without additional equipment or more invasive procedures.

IRRAflow – Eliminating Catheter Occlusions

The current treatments for haemorrhagic stroke and haematoma fail to meet the needs of physicians and patients because existing fluid draining devices and procedures often get blocked by clot or debris or create conditions that can increase the risk for brain damage or infection, in addition to those that might have been caused by the haematoma or the stroke. IRRAS believes there is the opportunity to demonstrate significantly improved therapeutic outcomes with our proprietary IRRAflow occlusion elimination technology. We are developing a pipeline for future innovative features and products based on our core dynamic fluid exchange technology.

IRRAS Mission & Vision

Through continued technology development, product improvement and Clinical Trials, IRRAS seeks to prove efficacy across a broad range of minimally invasive or major neurosurgical procedures to treat traumatic brain injury, haemorrhagic stroke, intracranial haematomas as well as Central nervous system’s abscesses, infections, tumors and malignancies. With over 15 years of research and experience in the development of the IRRAS’ technology and Intellectual Property, we are confident of the efficacy of the IRRAflow device and the transformational product features that will improve patient outcomes and establish a leadership position in the market.