Future IRRAflow Product Development for Brain Pathologies

The Company’s growth strategy is to pursue significant improvements to the IRRAflow® device for intracranial fluid management. These include a smaller version of the IRRAflow catheter for pediatric applications, a laser level system to accurately position the IRRAflow device in relation to the patient, a kink resistant catheter and the placement of a state-of-the-art ICP sensor in the catheter. IRRAS also plans to offer regular feature upgrades to the IRRAflow system with additional software, sensors, and system capabilities to continually improve the drainage, monitoring, and management of fluids in the treatment of brain pathologies.

Targeted Drug Delivery to the Brain

Existing Central Nervous System (CNS) drug delivery systems have restricted efficacy in mainstream clinical use due to the difficulty of achieving an optimal therapeutic drug concentration for a sufficient time at targeted cells. Additionally, current drug delivery methods also struggle to deliver a sufficient volume of drug to the needed site since a rise of intracranial pressure also often occurs.

Using its multi-lumen catheter and intelligent fluid exchange software, IRRAS is developing an intelligent, targeted drug delivery capabilities for IRRAflow for CNS pathologies that will safely and accurately deliver therapeutic drug volumes, while also evacuating harmful fluid collections and managing intracranial pressure. There is an additional need for such an innovative direct drug delivery approach for other clinical applications, including tumor treatment, long-term thrombolysis for DVT and PE, immunotherapy, and damaged joints.

Additional Opportunities for the IRRAflow Platform

IRRAS believes its IRRAflow fluid management system has multiple application opportunities beyond brain pathologies. Through research, development and continued technological advances, we are developing for future innovative features for IRRAflow and new products based on our core intelligent fluid exchange technologies. We envision product research and development for new therapeutic applications for the IRRAflow fluid management technology platform for multiple conditions such as abdominal abscesses and drainage, blood clots and other abnormalities where the management of fluids and targeted drug delivery may have therapeutic benefit.

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