Introducing Hummingbird

The Hummingbird ICP Monitoring System is comprised of the Hummingbird ICP Control Module (HICP200) and the related catheters, which include: Hummingbird Quad ICP Monitoring with Drainage (H610), and Hummingbird Solo ICP Monitoring (H110).

The Hummingbird ICP Neuromonitoring products were designed for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use by helping clinicians manage patients’ suffering from conditions that cause an elevated intracranial pressure, including traumatic brain injury, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and stroke.

Hummingbird ICP delivers a unique approach to advanced neuromonitoring by offering: 

  • The only in-vivo parenchymal monitoring sensor that can be re-zeroed in-situ with zero drift.
  • The most accurate parenchymal ICP measurement, independent of patient positioning.
  • Drainage system with multimodal monitoring through a single access point, providing parenchymal ICP measurement, CSF drainage, and two additional brain probes via one bolt.
  • Easy-to-use ICP control module seamlessly that transmits the ICP reading to the patient monitor.

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