Hummingbird Solo ICP Monitoring

Product Information

Introducing the Hummingbird Solo ICP Monitoring device, an advanced parenchymal ICP monitoring technology designed for accuracy and ease of use. Instead of using a strain gauge or fiberoptic sensor like other parenchymal ICP monitors, Hummingbird uses a small ICP air bladder sensor that is the only parenchymal monitoring sensor that can be re-zeroed in situ and calibrates automictically, resulting in zero drift accuracy.

Hummingbird delivers a unique approach to neuromonitoring by, offering:

  • The most accurate parenchymal ICP monitor
  • Ability to be re-zeroed in situ
  • Automatic recalibration
  • ICP reading independent of patient position
  • MR Conditional: 1.5T / 3.0T

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