Potential to Reduce Occlusions & Infections

The evolution of EVD technology has been limited, so neurosurgeons and ICU staff still deal with catheter occlusion rates up to 40%1 as well as infection rates that can range from 2 – 24%2. At IRRAS, we believe that it is time for a needed step forward in fluid management technology that addresses these clinical challenges and improves outcomes.

IRRAflow®’s innovative closed system design responds to these issues with its use of a proprietary dual-lumen catheter and automated software to drain excess fluid in a controlled fashion. IRRAflow’s dual lumen catheter was designed to enable active fluid exchange by enabling irrigation with physiologic fluids and drainage of pathological material. IRRAflow’s Active Fluid Exchange mechanically cleanses the catheters tip thus potentially facilitating disruption of clot and or bacteria3,4.

Fluid Management Done Right

fluid management cycle

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