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The world’s first irrigating
intracranial drainage system

Introducing the next generation
of neuromonitoring

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parenchymal IPC control module

Hummingbird ICP
Control Module

Bolt-Based Parenchymal ICP Monitoring

Hummingbird Solo ICP Monitoring

multimodal monitoring system with drainage

Hummingbird Quad ICP
Monitoring with Drainage

Hummingbird ICP delivers a unique approach to advanced neuromonitoring by offering:

  • The only parenchymal monitoring system that can be rezeroed in-situ
  • The most accurate parenchymal ICP measurement with zero drift
  • Multimodal Monitoring through a single access point
  • Cost efficient ICP monitoring solution
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irraflow - irrigation and drainage

Intelligent Digital Pump enables Automated Irrigation

Integrated, Continuous ICP Monitoring

The world’s first irrigating
intracranial drainage system

Introducing Active Fluid Exchange:

  • Controlled, automated irrigation
  • Gravity-driven drainage
  • Continuous ICP monitoring

All in one system!

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Your new standard of care for fluid management

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