IRRAS’ IRRAflow[®] System Demonstrates Ability to Treat Pyogenic Ventriculitis through Targeted Delivery of Antibiotics in Case Series Published in Neurosurgery Open

Stockholm, September 29, 2021 – IRRAS, a global medical technology company with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products for neurocritical care, today announced the publication of a case series in the Neurosurgery Open medical journal that demonstrates the ability of its IRRAflow system to treat aggressive brain infections by delivering needed antibiotics directly to the infection site.  The published patient treatments were performed by Dr. Behnam Rezai Jahromi at Helsinki University Hospital (HUH), one of the world’s leading hospitals for neurosurgical treatment.

The case series documents the survival of two patients that were diagnosed with pyogenic ventriculitis, a rare and debilitating infection of the lining of the ventricles in the brain that store cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  Patients suffering from such infections face mortality and long-term disability rates of 60% and 80%, respectively.  Typically, ventriculitis is treated with long-term treatment of IV antibiotics, but the blood-brain barrier (BBB) makes it difficult for such drugs to reach therapeutic levels in the brain.

In the case series, Dr. Rezai Jahromi concluded that, with IRRAflow treatment, “the drainage of purulent fluid caused by healthcare associated ventriculitis or meningitis is now possible without harming brain tissue and intracranial pressure (ICP), while also changing the composition of CSF to an antibiotic-consisted fluid.”

This published case series is the first deliverable from the previously announced long-term collaboration between IRRAS and the neurosurgery team from Helsinki University.  HUH Neurosurgery is world-famous for its expertise in all subsections of neurosurgery and is considered one of the leading centers in Europe in the microneurosurgical treatment of cerebral blood vessel diseases and complex brain tumors.  Each year, more than 3,200 patients undergo neurosurgical treatment at Helsinki, and nearly 200 neurosurgeons from all around the world visit the facility to learn the latest techniques in neurosurgery.  

“Previously, leading neurosurgeons published their successful experience of delivering drugs that reduce spasm or prevent blood clot formation using IRRAflow’s irrigation,” said Will Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer.  “This case series is the first time that IRRAflow’s ability to irrigate with antibiotics has been documented in scientific literature, and it further validates the versatility of IRRAflow in treating a wide range of intracranial pathologies.  These critically ill patients have historically experienced extremely poor life expectancy, and we are pleased that IRRAflow may provide an option to improve their prognosis.”

With this case series now published, IRRAS’ partnership with HUH will now focus upon the ability to treat patients with intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) with IRRAflow by irrigating thrombolytic medication to enhance clot removal.  Dr. Rezai Jahromi will present his IVH treatment experience with IRRAflow in a poster presentation at the upcoming Congress of Neurosurgical Surgeons (CNS) annual meeting in Austin, TX, from October 16 -20, 2021, and he will also serve as the Primary Investigator (PI) in the upcoming ARCH clinical study that will study IVH treatment using IRRAflow to irrigate thrombolytic medication.

A link to the publication, “Active Cerebrospinal Fluid Exchange System for Treatment of Pyogenic Ventriculitis,” can be found here:


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