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A Transformational Device for ICP Monitoring and Intelligent Irrigation and Aspiration

The IRRAflowTM CNS System combines an External Drainage System, an ICP Monitor and an Occlusion Solution Mechanism into a single, integrated device. It is easy to operate and provides a safe and effective system for intracranial fluid evacuation.

Our unique, patented exchange method for the precise irrigation, aspiration and infusion of fluids, a user-friendly interface and comprehensive alarm system makes IRRAflowTM the ideal selection for the external drainage of pathological intracranial fluids in combination with ICP monitoring.

Elimination of Occlusions and Infections

Intracranial catheter occlusions and infections continue to be a significant problem with existing EVD devices. Frequent manipulations of the drainage system for flushing a blocked EVD, the infusion of fibrinolytic agents and the higher chance of drainage positioning reoperation all impact patient outcomes and require significant medical staff time. Currently, manual procedures to remove the blockage risk contamination and neurological damage. The IRRAflowTM closed system has an automated selectable 1 ml bolus infusion to quickly unblock the catheter and rinse the pathology without contamination risk.

IRRAflow katheter


IRRAS believes its IRRAflow intelligent platform and fluid management system has multiple additional application opportunities. The Company’s growth strategy is to pursue additional indications for the IRRAflow device, including a smaller version of the IRRAflow catheter for intracranial bleedings, continuous elastance monitoring and IRRAflow for fluid management of multiple body conditions such as abdominal abscesses. In addition, we are exploring the development of our core IRRAflow technology for a novel drug delivery system that would address the historically poor administration of all therapeutics to the brain. We believe that IRRAflow will be able to precisely deliver therapeutics to other parts of the body that have been historically difficult to treat.